I want to give you an amazing gift


I Want To GIVE You An Amazing Free Gift 

Over $1100 of Powerful Small to Midsize Business Marketing Tools & Resources to Free You From the Hamster Wheel of Daily Competition 

Don’t just be a better choice… Be the ONLY choice... ...the category of ONE 

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For years, I walked in your shoes. My last real job was as vice-president of international sales and marketing for a Japanese toy company.  

Like your industry today, I’m sure, competition in the toy industry was brutal. We had to fight every day for new and repeat business. It was a constant battle to develop unique new products the market was eager to buy at a price they were willing to pay.  

That might sound familiar, but you are most likely faced with a much BIGGER OBSTACLE right now than I faced over 30 years ago. You're fighting:


My toy company competed before the speed-of-light advancements in technology that’s happened since. Developing new products was costly and time consuming, so it took many months, sometimes years for competitors to copy anything new. You don’t have that luxury, do you? In fact, You’re stuck in the crazy hamster wheel of positioning your company against your competition. You come up with a product improvement that’s clearly better than theirs. Victory! But the next day or the day after that, they come back with an improvement on your improvement. So you put your nose to the grindstone to come up with a new and improved improvement. And they follow up with something just slightly better than yours. Hear that clattering sound? They’re on the same kind of hamster wheel you are, and it’s a race nobody wins.  

But you CAN get off that hamster wheel. There is an answer.  

You need to be UNCOPYABLE

When you reach UNCOPYABLE status, you aren’t just perceived as a better solution to your customers, you become the ONLY solution. You become a category of ONE.  

But becoming UNCOPYABLE requires bold, game-changing strategies and knowledge. It requires the ability to think differently about your business. And it requires the tools to actually attract and convert your ideal customers.  

Because you’re still reading means this message resonates with you, and I’d like to help you take control and set a new course for serious business growth with:  


(Over $1100 Worth Of Pure Money-Making Tools & Information)

Yours FREE, when you join the No-Risk Gold Membership of the Uncopyable Inner Circle. As a member you’ll receive a steady stream of million dollar information and tools to drive your business up and separate you from a crowded marketplace. Here’s what’s included:

Autographed copy of Steve's #1 best seller (Value = Priceless!)


 1 FREE ticket to attend Steve's live Uncopyable Utilization Bootcamp January 9, 2019 in Seattle, WA ($297 value)  

Breakthrough Referrals (Value $197.00) 

In Referral Breakthrough I cover these valuable points:  

  • Why businesses, small and large, don’t have referral marketing strategies (even though they know they should)
  • The #1 reason why people refer you (and guess what, it’s NOT because they trust you!)
  • The #1 tool in your business-building arsenal that you already have, but aren’t using correctly
  • Why offering money rewards to your customers for referrals is a very bad idea
  • The 7 tools you can easily implement to build your referral marketing engine
  • The 7 tools you need to GIVE your customers to help them get you a referral
  • The unknown power of Reverse Referrals

Put Your Marketing On Autopilot (Value = $197.00)

For most businesses today, sales and marketing are very inefficient. Too much time and energy are spent uncovering good leads and wasted on unqualified suspects.  

There is way better way to do it. Learn how to automate the lead identify and capture process, so you can hand your salespeople higher qulity leads. And getting more high quality leads means more sales!

Vicious Productivity (Value = $97.00)  

Productivity is the deliberate, strategic investment of your time, talent, energy, intelligence, resources, and opportunities in a manner calculated to move you measurably closer to meaningful goals.  

In Steve's Vicious Productivity System, you will learn:  

  • The daily traps that limit and derail your productivity
  • Why it's more important to manage your productivity, not your time
  • The Myth of Multi-Tasking (DON"T fall for it!)
  • Why you must budget your time
  • How the most successful people on manage emails
  • How to embed Vicious Productivity into every day

Content Marketing for B2B (Value = $197.00) 

Content Marketing has been a popular buzzphrase for several years now, but it's not a new concept. Marketing with useful and interesting content has been around as long as commerce.  

That said, there are new tools, uses, and approaches that most businesses don't understand. Today's Content Marketing can be your most valuable tool for generating new leads and maintaining long-term relationships with current customers.  

Learn exactly how you can embrace Content Marketing in your marketing strategy - what it is, what tools you can use, and exactly HOW to use them.

PLUS! The GOLD Inner Circle Membership - The Crown Jewel of Steve's Uncopyable Program

Your free first month access to Steve's uncommon and UNCOPYABLE strategies and tactics for attracting your ideal customers, and building long-lasting relationships resulting in more money in YOUR pocket. Includes:

*Immediate access to recordings of six of Steve's monthly OFFICE HOURS. Every month Steve adds new killer marketing, branding, and innovation tips and tactics, as well as answer YOUR questions live online! You get:

  • The Uncopyable Mindset
  • How to Hunt Moose
  • The Marketing Diamond
  • The Right Media for You
  • Creating the Rules of Competition
  • Transformation, Not Transaction

*Interviews with successful business owners, leading experts and entrepreneurs in all facets of growing your business. Includes:

  • Diane Diresta - Speak to Lead: How to Give a Knockout Presentation
  • Rob Samuels - COO Makers Mark Bourbon
  • Kay Miller - #1 Muffler Salesperson in the World Talks Sales
  • Wally Bock - How to Write a Book to Build Your Business

Also included in Steve's monthly GOLD INNER CIRCLE:
  • Audio interviews he's had with many of the top podcasters on the Internet!
  • Periodic AMA's (Ask Me Anything) for Inner Circle members only!

To activate your free gift, please register below for your Gold Inner Circle Membership. It’s impossible for you to lose: If you don’t absolutely love everything you get, simply cancel your membership within the first 30 days and we will happily refund every penny paid. After 30 days, you can cancel at any time with no further commitment.

Decision Makin' Time

Decision. Action. Or in-action.  

Jump in right now and get a boat-load of rock-solid information and tools designed to help generate more business and separate your company from the competition.  

Or keep playing the same old, daily game of “We’re better than the other guy.” Now is the time to liberate yourself from that hamster wheel. Join me today so I can send your FREE Gifts. Really, it’s that easy.  

Thanks for spending time with me. I look forward to seeing you at the next Uncopyable Utilization Boot Camp.  

Best Regards,

Steve Miller

Kelly's Dad, Marketing Gunslinger