Don’t just be a better choice… Be the ONLY choice... ...the category of ONE 


For years, I walked in your shoes. My last real job was as vice-president of international sales and marketing for a Japanese toy company.  

Like your industry today, I’m sure, competition in the toy industry was brutal. We had to fight every day for new and repeat business. It was a constant battle to develop unique new products the market was eager to buy at a price they were willing to pay.  

That might sound familiar, but you are most likely faced with a much BIGGER OBSTACLE right now than I faced over 30 years ago. You're fighting:


My toy company competed before the speed-of-light advancements in technology that’s happened since. Developing new products was costly and time consuming, so it took many months, sometimes years for competitors to copy anything new. You don’t have that luxury, do you? In fact, you’re stuck in the crazy hamster wheel of positioning your company against your competition. You come up with a product improvement that’s clearly better than theirs. Victory! But the next day or the day after that, they come back with an improvement on your improvement. So you put your nose to the grindstone to come up with a new and improved improvement. And they follow up with something just slightly better than yours. Hear that clattering sound? They’re on the same kind of hamster wheel you are, and it’s a race nobody wins.  

But you CAN get off that hamster wheel. There is an answer.  


When you reach UNCOPYABLE status, you aren’t just perceived as a better solution to your customers, you become the ONLY solution. You become a category of ONE.  

But becoming UNCOPYABLE requires bold, game-changing strategies and knowledge. It requires the ability to think differently about your business. And it requires the tools to actually attract and convert your ideal customers.  

Because you’re still reading means this message resonates with you, and I’d like to help you take control and set a new course for serious business growth with:  

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An example of a marketing message, campaign, or other communication we've found that's "Swipe-worthy," and why. Swipes can be used to "Steal Genius," and generate innovative ideas for your own business.

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Decision Makin' Time

Decision. Action. Or in-action.  

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